"Fastphase software solution is user-friendly, fast and efficient. The application itself is very intuitive and requires little or no training. The added medical record capability could prove to be a powerful incentive for study site participation and retention."




This client is a CRO with its own network of hundreds of physicians.

Client's challenge was to identify a solution that could, at the same time, effectively capture, manage and analyze the clinical trials' data, while leveraging all data captured by physicians before, during and after the trial. The solution had to easily morph into an EMR and at the same time needed to be very intuitive and require little or no training of physicians.

Fastphase solution was selected for its unique flexibility allowing for clinical trial data capture as well as medical record data recording. Among the other key features were its low cost of ownership, its intuitive interface, its collaboration platform, its ease of deployment, and its low IT requirements. Fastphase solution was delivered as a client license and was hosted at the customer site.

A Builder was used to design the interface from the existing protocol and the EMR module. The interface for clinical trials included number of visits, tests to perform, forms to fill, edit checks definition, reports, number of users, role and privileges assignment, and more. The EMR module included the capability to capture all clinical data recorded during a visit. All clinical trial components were designed to be reusable in future trials. The software was automatically deployed to each user so it could be used in an online and offline fashion.

The interface was designed in a week. The CRO was ready to deploy in less than a month after successfully testing different staging scenarios. The CRO's goal is to leverage the medical record data captured within its network to drastically shorten its enrollment process. From now on, the client will know before starting their next trial how many patients within the network of physicians match the eligibility criteria.

100% client satisfaction. The application was implemented and delivered on time and on budget. The intuitive interface required very little training and accounted for 100% investigator retention. More complete data is being gathered, cleaned and analyzed faster than a paper trial could have ever done. Finally, the same solution will continue to be used by the CRO and its physician's network, thus drastically facilitating patient enrollment in future trials.




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