Enter data once!


Case study: CRO/SMO
This sponsor needed a software solution for its clinical trials that could leverage data captured into an EMR by its network of physicians. [more...]


Case study: Medical Device Company
This sponsor needed a solution that could be implemented fast and required little or no training of physicians and clinicians. [more...]


For both clinical trials and patient care!


Today, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies are under immense pressure to bring products faster to market and are under increased scrutiny to make them safer.

Fastphase new application software for clinical trials simplifies the clinical trial by improving each process from patient enrollment, data capture, data management, data analysis, to patient follow-ups. The Clinical Trial Patient Record™ solution adds value to all stakeholders involved in your clinical trial, including the clinician. Now clinicians and physicians just need to enter data once for their clinical trials and their patient care.

Fastphase Clinical Trial Patient Record™ system captures data faster in a safer environment, speeding sponsors' time to market from up to two years and drastically increasing sites' productivity.




"As a practicing physician I appreciate having patient information available when making treatment decisions in a fast and efficient manner. As a Public Policy leader in the state Senate, I welcome solutions that deliver more accurate data and increased patient safety. By merging clinical trials data and medical records, software solutions such as Fastphase's are key to improve patient safety, and should help sponsors make safer decisions faster."

Senator Marvin Singleton, MD


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